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Best Time for a Patio Enclosure in Los Angeles?

Winter is around the corner, but not quite here yet. There’s still time to get a great deal on patio cover in Los Angeles. Additionally, getting a patio enclosure in Los Angeles is prime time now! Patio covers are perfect year round, but some types of patio covers are built seasonally because you can get a better deal on them. How is that? During the summer months contractors are flooded with clients who want to build patio covers and it slows a bit closer to winter. That’s the time to make your move and contacta patio cover builder to install your very own patio cover.

patio cover los angelesYou have plenty of types of patio covers in Los Angeles to choose from. On the left is a free standing wood pergola. The only difference between a pergola and an open lattice patiois that the pergola is free standing and the lattice patio is generally attached to the home.

Open lattice patio covers and pergolas don’t protect much from the sun, but they are beautiful and great to hang flowers from. They also don’t protect much from rain either. If you want full protection from the sun and rain I suggest you get a solid patio cover.

Patio Enclosure

Screened enclosuresScreened enclosures are great year round. It would seem it’s a great addition for the winter months, but they’re actually perfect for any season. You can use the screen patio enclosure as an extra room, storage, or a nice area to sit and shield yourself from the rain or sun depending on season!

A screened patio enclosure lets in light and breeze which makes it a nice comfortable outdoor seating area. One of the main reasons our clients get screened enclosures is because they want extra space to their home without adding an entire room addition. It’s a more cost effective solution and quicker to build. In the image to the left we built a patio enclosure that’s free standing.

screened patio enclosure If you have a patio cover in Los Angeles it’s easy to make the switch to a patio enclosure. The groundwork is already set. The general criteria for a screened patio enclosure is 60% of the structure must be comprised of windows.

You may add ceiling fans and lighting to the patio enclosure. In one of the bigger jobs (right) entire patio enclosure was attached the entire length of the home.


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