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Patio Covers Ideas

Patio covers not only provide great shelter from the rain during the winter months, but also from the heat and sun during the scorching hot months of summer. With so many options, it may be hard to decide on the style of patio cover. I’ll go over a few patio covers ideas in this post to help you out.
Determine what it is your needs are.

Do you want complete coverage from your patio cover? This way you can sit outside even if it’s raining and you’ll be fully shielded from the rain. If it’s a bit chilly, use a patio heater. During the summer you’ll be able to enjoy a nice BBQ while being protected from the sun. But, patio cover designs can be a bit more interesting than something simple and solid.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Solid Aluminum Patio Cover Solid Aluminum Patio Cover An aluminum patio can be made to look like wood at a fraction of the cost. It’s the most affordable patio cover when comparing to wood or vinyl.

As I mentioned before, you can get a solid patio cover which will look like the image to the left. It will provide you with complete coverage from the sun and rain.

A fantastic patio cover idea is to add ceiling fans and light fixtures. The ceiling fan will create a bit of circulation when it’s hotter outside and the light will brighten up the space so you could enjoy your night out longer!

Lattice Patio Cover Lattice Patio Cover If you don’t want full coverage, another popular patio cover design is the lattice patio.

This image on the right is an aluminum open lattice patio cover. That offers some protection from the sun, but not much.

You can also opt for a patio combination which will be half solid and half lattice. Many customers choose to hang plants from their lattice patios similar to a trellis pergola.

Wood Patio Covers

Wood Patio Cover Wood Patio Cover The option for a solid or lattice patio cover is available with wood patio covers as well. The image on the left is of an open lattice patio cover.

A great idea is to put a bamboo type cover over your open lattice wood patio cover for a bit of protection while still enjoying the style of a lattice patio cover.

Wood patio covers are perfect for the homeowner who likes an earthy feel. In the image below you'll Lattice Wood Patio CoverLattice Wood Patio Covernotice a solid wood patio cover. Although in this image the patio is peaked, you don’t have to create your patio with a peak.

I have given you a few patio covers ideas in hopes that it may make your decision to buy a patio cover a simpler one.

Although I didn’t cover it in this post, you may also consider a patio enclosure. Patio Enclosure Patio Enclosure This will create an extra room for storage or a nice sitting room to enjoy your evening.

For more patio covers ideas or information on aluminum patio covers or wood patio covers give us a call. We provide free estimates and have been building patios for over 15 years throughout the Los Angeles area.

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