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In order to make a patio more useful in variable weather conditions, homeowners often choose to build a roof over patio to cover them. A patio roof is simply a structure that provides covering for the patio area to block sun and rain and other elements.

A patio roof can be made from wood, aluminum, metal, vinyl or even cloth and is often a precursor to an enclosed patio structure. The most common types of patio roofs are often referred to as awnings. There are both static construction awnings, meaning they are permanent structures covering the patio area, and also retractable awnings.

A permanent patio roof structure is built out from the house below the gutter and extends the width and length of the patio, supported by posts along the longest edge. This type of patio roof cover can be constructed of a variety of materials, but wood, aluminum and vinyl are common.

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A patio cover is a gathering place of friends and family for outdoor activities and events and is outdoors is where a lot of great unforgettable memories are created.

A roof on your patio or roof on your deck helps to make it multi-seasonal so that you can enjoy the outdoors without too much sun or watch a rainstorm without getting wet. What will make you decide on one type of patio roof over another is mostly related to the style of your home and patio space. With over 12 years experience in the patio cover and roofing industry.

Patios4all can provide you with your entire patio roofing needs as well as all other related services dealing with Patio Covers.

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Patios4All is a certified Patio Cover contractor company located in Van Nuys, CA. We have been recognized as one of the premier installer of Aluminum Patio Covers in the greater Los Angeles area.

As impressive as we try to make all of our acknowledgements and testimonials sound, we are a small family owned and operated Covered Patio Professionals that gets its pleasure out of installing one job at a time and improving the living conditions of our clients.

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