Adjustable Patio Cover

Adjustable Patio Cover

Probably one of the best patio cover inventions is the adjustable patio cover which is also known as the louvered patio cover. With adjustable louvered patio covers no matter the weather you’ll have the perfect outdoor setting. During the rainy or extremely hot days you can close the lovers for a solid patio cover or open them for a lattice patio cover. The louvers can open to varying degrees so you can control the amount of sun you want in from 0%-98%. You can get great ventilation by partially opening the patio cover to allow a breeze to come through. With a louver patio system you can have the best of both worlds!

Adjustable Patio Cover patio Louvers Closed

You have full control with this patio roof system! You can divide the adjustable patio cover louvers into two controlled sections. Imagine a hot summer day and you gather a few friends for a BBQ. Open the section above you to allow the smoke to escape while keeping the guests under the closed section. The great thing with adjustable patio cover louvers is the flexibility and control you have. Keep the louvered patio covers roof closed during the winter months to keep the rain off your furniture.

Get a louvered roof over your deck to not only protect the wood, but to provide a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy while sitting outside.

How do the Louvered Patio Covers Work?

The adjustable patio cover louvers are designed with heavy duty aluminum that is controlled either manually with the use of a crank or with a remote control if you opt for the motor. Most clients prefer the motor for the ease and the simplicity of pressing a button on a remote!
Cleaning is a breeze! Just use soap and water.

patio coverAdjustable Patio Cover

  • The adjustable louvered roof saves you money by lowering your electricity bill during the summer because you’ll be running less air conditioning.
  • Winter allows solar heat gain to save on heating bills.
  • You won’t replace your patio furniture as often because the sun won’t rot it and the dirty rain won’t harm it.
  • Your grills and appliances will be saved from the harsh environmental elements.

Louvered patio covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Now you don’t have to decide on whether to get a solid patio cover, a lattice patio, or a permanent patio combination because you’ll have the best of both worlds at your disposal.

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Pergola with Movable Louvers

A louvered pergola gives you the same enjoyment as an adjustable patio cover without it being attached to the home. Pergolas and trellis pergolas are free standing covers. They’re often placed near swimming pools or used as a nice area to hang or display flowers and greenery.

With such a vast array of options to choose from, make sure you get the adjustable patio cover that suits your needs. Whether it be for the style or for the practical use, you can truly enhance your property with these patio covers.

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