Aluminum Patio Covers AKA Alumawood Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Covers

In general, aluminum patio covers are made of aluminum sheets with an embossed texture of wood grains on them. Then they folded into shapes of beams and panels that will later be used to create a patio cover structure.

If you can’t decide on a lattice patio cover or solid, get the best of both worlds! Look over our page on Adjustable Patio Covers.

The term "aluminum patio cover" usually refers to two kinds of popular patio types in the market:


In southern California there are several manufacturers out there that basically offer the same product – an aluminum patio cover with the advantages every home owner dreams about:

  • An affordable price
  • Durability
  • The natural look of wood
  • Never chips or peals
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light weight

There is no doubt why Aluminum Patio Covers have become the most popular choice among homeowners in the last decade!!

Solid Aluminum Patio Covers

3 main styles: Flat Pan, W Pan and the Insulated Cover

Flat Pan – The Flat Pan aluminum patio cover is made out of an aluminum alloy folded into U shape panels that connect to one another with a special tong and groove system. It is highly durable to weather damages but unpermitted to walk on. This type of patio cover is very affordable and provides a clean and smooth ceiling texture which makes it more popular among home owners.

W Pan – This style is very similar to the Flat Pan patio cover. It is made out of the very same material except that its panels are shaped as the letter W. it is the most inexpensive aluminum patio cover in the market which makes it perfect for homeowners with a low budget.

Insulated Cover – A 3" thick roof cover made out of a highly insulated material that is glued between top quality aluminum alloy panels (skins), this type of patio cover is strong enough to walk on and provides easy access for additional features such as ceiling fans, lights fixtures and more…. This patio cover type will be the more expensive one comparing to the other aluminum types but also the most durable and attractive.

Aluminum Patio Covers – The cut edge details

Unlike most designs for aluminum patio covers of the past, modern day technology has advanced aluminum patio covers to have an aesthetically pleasing look to them that can stand up to the elements for a virtually maintenance-free period of years. They are less expensive then wood patio covers but they can match the aesthetic of the house from which they will be built and they can also be built to look like wood. To choose the best aluminum patio cover though you will need to start by deciding how big of a cover you will need, what you want the aluminum patio cover to look like, and what purposes you will be using your patio for. Here are the most common cut edge details for the aluminum patio cover beams:

All aluminum patio covers have a specific elegancy to them and likewise are tailored to each customers needs. The most popular choice is the beveled ends for a more modern look. Traditionally, many people choose the classic scalloped and corbel edge details.

The best way to decide for yourself is to compare the edge details to the architectural design of your home. We see often where a person will choose the design without visioning it on their home. A square flat roof modern home will do well with mitered or beveled edge details for your aluminum patio cover, while a more traditional house will benefit from corbel and scalloped edge details. But choosing edge details for your aluminum patio cover are just one of the options when building your patio cover.

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