10 Fun Backyard Activities to do with Your Children

10 Fun Activities to do on Your Patio With Your Children This Summer!

1.) S’mores:
Who doesn’t remember this from their childhood? Gather some chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers and enjoy making memories with your little one this summer. Sit under the stars or enjoy the night air in the comfort of your patio and together you can make this confectionery treat. No bonfire? No problem! A candle is all you need to toast your mallow to perfection.

2.) Finger Paint:
Enjoy some fresh air and summer sun! Avoid the glaring California sun and set up a little area in the cozy shade and paint whatever you see! Tempera paint is non-toxic, easy to clean, and is a perfect activity that can be done out-doors.

3.) Camping- The safe way!
You don’t have to drive all the way to big bear to enjoy some time with your kids and nature. A backyard patio offers a safe, fun, easy-to-get-to environment for a camping experience. Set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags, and spend a night outside looking at stars, or telling stories with your little one. The best part? If it rains- home is only a few steps away!

4.) Chalk it up!
Let out your creative side! Grab some sidewalk chalk and head out to your patio for some old-school entertainment. Play hop scotch, draw a story- the sky’s the limit. Clean up is a breeze.

5.) Create your own mini water park!
Amusement parks can be a hassle, to say the least. Avoid the lines, long drive and glaring sun and set up a few fun water toys in your patio. You don’t have to have a pool and a slide to enjoy some summer fun. A kiddie pool, sprinkler, and a few water toys are more than enough to beat the heat and entertain your little one.

6.)Have a picnic:
Its California- the weather is beautiful, especially under your covered or open lattice patio. Make finger sandwiches, freeze some grapes, cut up some fresh fruit, pack a blanket and have a healthy lunch outside and off the grass.

7.) Make a soda bottle bird feeder:
An easy way to spend some time together both creating something, and helping your little one to connect with and appreciate nature. Construction is easy: all you need is a 20oz soda bottle, 2 wooden spoons, and some bird feed, which you can get at any local pet store or Target. With a sharpie marker, draw a small circle on one side of the bottle about 4 inches from the bottom. Cut it out using a craft knife, and make sure the end of the spoon fits snugly into the hole.
Directly opposite this hole, cut a slightly larger hole using a craft knife and scissors. Make sure the big end of the spoon can rest in the hole. Repeat this process approximately 2 inches from the bottom of the soda bottle, but use the opposite sides of the bottle so your spoons are at a 90 degree angle to one another. Hang up your feeder and watch the birds from the comfort of your patio.

8.) Tie-dye t-shirts
Get some plain white t-shirts, a few bowls and have fun creating vibrant clothing! Tie dye kits are available everywhere- and their very easy to use! While you wait for your shirts to dry, lounge on your patio and enjoy some lemonade.

9.) Treasure Hunt:
Take some trinkets and hide them around the backyard. Left over plastic Easter eggs are perfect for this! Make a map, and have your little one follow the clues to find the treasures!

10.) Huge DIY bubbles
You’ve never seen bubbles like this before! With a few simple ingredients- you’ll have your children entertained for hours! Experiment with different tools to make bubbles (hula hoops, funnels) and enjoy some summer fun that gets you both out of the house.

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