Commerical Awnings Add Curb Appeal and Function

Curb Appeal

Every business with a store-front is concerned with bringing in passersby and attracting the most attention possible to their business. In many cases, businesses can be visually lost among a sea of other, similar store fronts. The use of color in advertising is as old as advertising itself. The bottom line is- bright or bold colors catch our eyes. Imagine a strip mall- plain, earthy toned brick, a row of identical businesses pressed together in copy-cat spaces. Here, we'll help :

Now imagine the same bland strip mall, but with a splash of color provided by an awning.

Which catches your eye?

9/10 people would say they that the store-front with the awning is the first thing they notice. Increasing the visibility of your store front is as easy as installing a bright and unique Commercial Awning! But that's not all, there are some other incredible benefits to installing an awning on your business...

Not-So-Hidden Benefits of a Commercial Awning

Commercial awnings provide shade to your business and your customers. This reduction in temperature can lead to big savings in cooling costs for your store. Additionally, the shade which is provided by an awning can greatly reduce the natural bleaching which will occur to the areas in your business which are exposed to daily sunlight. Not only does this decrease your maintenance costs for flooring, it can also save your inventory from being ruined!

When it comes to restaurants, a commercial awning is the holy grail. Not only can you add substantial space which can be utilized to provide additional seating (and therefore the capacity of your establishment), you can make sure your customers who are dining outside are protected from the intense rays of the sun. Adding your company's logo to your awning waves a huge banner above your competitors that stands out among nearby competitors and can give you an additional opportunity to make your company's name seen, and remembered.

If you have something to say to your customers or potential customers, if you want to stand out in a crowd, and add space and comfort for your customers, then a commercial awning is the clear choice. Patios4All will help you pick the awning that is right for you, and our expert installers do it right the first time.

The Today Show actually featured commercial awnings on a recent news broadcast, explaining just how much an awning can benefit your business! Watch the video below to see what we're talking about

Even the media can't ignore what a smart and economical decision having an awning is. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, the perfect awning is out there, just waiting for you. Call us today to get a free estimate and browse our showroom to discover the perfect commercial awning for your business!

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