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Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor areas have become an exciting way for homeowners to bring the beauty of nature while providing a peaceful relaxing area that will provide years of enjoyment. The concept for the outdoor areas have generally remained the same for many years but new advances in architecture, lighting, and furniture and material overall has dramatically increased its functionality and beauty.


Outdoor areas infuse surrounding nature with all of the great comforts that we enjoy inside our home. Standard outdoor rooms contain a space for bbq, cooking and dining and more elaborate ideas include everything from sofas and beds to spas and meditation areas and vast water gardens. The possibilities for outdoor rooms are almost limitless.

However, there are a few things you will want to make sure so you and your guests will be able to take pleasure in for years to come:

The Space: Building An Outdoor Space That Makes Sense

When it comes to determining how much actual space will be devoted to an outdoor room, you must consider two things: the size of your property and your budget. Outdoor rooms can be large and spacious or small and intimate. You can choose to have several outdoor features such as fences, hedges, arbors, and flower gardens to define borders, or if you would prefer, you can keep the design very clean, open and free flowing.

When considering the location of the space keep in mind natural resource factors such as amount of sunlight and inclement weather if needed, access to power and water may needs to be considered.

Also check out the location at the same time of day or night that you expect to most often use the space for environmental issues such as noise and unwanted light.

Have Personality!!! Your Outdoor Area Should Be All About You

Modern outdoor rooms now have the capacity to be decorated with the same degree of thought and design as their indoor counterparts. Many of the same decorating rules still apply. Rules are meant to be broken. Make sure to build an outdoor area that reflects you as a person, your ideals, and interests by doing this you create a more enjoyable and personal experience that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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