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Convert Patio Cover to Patio Enclosure

Many home owners already own an existing patio cover and just wish to enclose it. If the existing patio cover, roof and framing are in good standing condition we are able to install new patio panels under the existing cover. By doing so, our company is able to create a complete patio enclosure for up to half the price of building a patio enclosure from scratch. By converting an existing patio cover to a patio enclosure there isn’t a need to demolish the existing patio cover nor to build a new roof thereby saving you money.

Existing Patio Covers in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, many of the old existing wood patio covers were made from traditional wood framing. The posts were usually made out of 4”x 4” beams and the roof rafters were made out of 2”x6” or larger. The patio enclosure roof itself is usually made out of plywood sheathing and a torch down roofing system for flat roofs.

In most cases the roofing system is exposed and you can actually see the rafters and roof sheathing from below which is not such a pretty sight especially when converted to a patio cover room.

The Installation:

The new panels, the windows and the patio enclosure panels are ordered to fit the exact size between the posts and the roof rafters. The aluminum patio enclosure tracks are bolted directly into the wood posts with silicone caulking for a better seal. Now that the framing is installed this will be the perfect time to insert all electrical wires, cables and even plumbing pipes. Once all the “rough” work is complete we install the new patio enclosure panels inside the tracks we previously installed followed by the windows then finally the patio enclosure door.

As previously mentioned visible roof framing is not a pretty sight for your new enclosed patio cover. Several systems are very common to solve this matter; the most popular ones are installing wood paneling or, standard drywall and paint finish. For a more luxurious appearance we install 1”x6” tongue and groove wood panels finished with either stain or paint. For the floors the options are endless just like in a regular house although we always recommend installing porcelain tiles since they’re most durable in case of humidity or leaks coming from the existing and old patio enclosure roof.

We have been converting patio covers to patio enclosures for over 15 years. We specialize in all types of patio covers. Give us a call today at 800-742-3585 for a free in home consultation.

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