Decks & Patio

Making a huge come back, Decks has become one of the most popular backyard remodeling features in Los Angeles. Some of our clients desperately need it to enjoy a larger backyard due to hillside issues and some just enjoy the beauty of it. One of the main reason that Decks gained more attention in the last few years is the fact that more and more products are hitting the market, such Deck products that does not require any maintenance at all not to mention the color variety.

Some of the Wood Decks are made from various wood types such as Redwood, Ipe and Mangaris which are naturally spectacular but will require maintenance. Other Decking materials are composite from a recycled material like paper, plastic bags and wood chips. These Deck products are very durable and require almost no service.

Our crews are knowledgeable and capable of working with almost any Patio Deck product in the market. Most Patio Decks are simple and require no permit and some are very complex and will require planning, engineering and of course a city building permit.

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