5 ways to waterproof your patio this Winter!

Rainy Season is here!

It’s time to waterproof that beautiful patio of yours. Now is a good time to invest in a patio cover that is waterproof. Here are 5 different styles that are especially good for rainy season.

1. Solid Patio Cover

The solid patio cover is great for rainy weather. The solid structure of the cover protects everything beneath it from getting wet. This is a great option if you want to entertain family and friends, or still enjoy the outdoors during the winter. If you have some expensive furniture and flooring this will prevent them from getting damaged.

The solid patio cover is also good during peak hot seasons. It prevents the heat from beaming through especially during direct mid-day sunlight. Sometimes the partial covered patio covers don’t provide enough protection and cooling.

2. Adjustable Patio Cover is a Favorite!

This style of patio cover is a very popular style among customers. Why? Because of its versatility. This Adjustable Patio cover can be used in the winter or summer. During the raining season you can adjust the cover to close, preventing water from coming in and damaging your patio and deck. When the rain clears and you want to welcome some sunshine onto to your patio you can easily adjust the louvers to open illuminating your patio area.

This style of patio gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you want to sunbath or have a cup of hot cocoa on the deck without worrying about getting wet, this is a great choice.

Adjustable patio cover is a favorite!

3. Wooden Patio Covers

Wooden patio covers can be designed to be open or solid in design. The solid full coverage style is recommended for the rain. It will keep the rain from falling through the cracks and onto the patio. Wood covers add a nice stylistic touch to a patio. It also has a great smell depending on the material used that can create wonderful fresh .

4. Aluminum Patio Covers

A great alternative to the wooden patio covers Is the Aluminum Patio Covers. The solid cover is your best option to keep the rain out. The Aluminum has several benefits especially if you are on a budget. The mainatance is easy to keep up, it doesn’t chip or peel, and costs less than some of the other styles.

5. Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures is also an excellent choice for rainy season and all year round. This style of patio provides coverage all around. You can style up the inside however you like without worriying about the wear and tear of the weather. Whether you want to add couches, handmade pillows and light fixtures you can rest assured all is safe and sound.

This is an excellent alternative to adding an extra room to the house. You can use it as a patio and a a room without the added costs of remodelling. You can have windows added if you want to open or close them. You can also have sliding doors installed. This design allows you to entertain guests in the daytime or evening.

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