Four Important Tips For Cleaning The Gazebo Roof

1. Basics Of Cleaning The Gazebo Roof

First things first, cleaning the thick dirt off of the roof requires proper tools and equipment, and elbow grease, of course. It's very important to use either a mild detergent or a bleach solution if the dirt is stubborn, and a long broom or a metal scrub if the dirt is too caked.

Pay attention to the levels of dirt, as it's obligatory to start from the highest point and down to the bottom of the roof. Be careful not to damage the roof if the material is fragile, and remember - "safety first". Protecting your eyes with goggles and a mask is a number one priority, because it's eye-irritating and breathing in bleach solution is not something you want to experience when cleaning the gazebo roof.


2. Pay Attention To The Material

Cleaning the gazebo roof depends on what kind of material is it made of. Most gazebos are polyester, but there are also some who are plain wood and metal. Sure, they give off a specific pleasant smell and they look great, but they are also a hassle when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. Traditional gazebos are polyester-made, and non-organic chemicals damage the polyester.

Be careful of what kinds of cleaning detergents you are using. Do not hesitate to ask your local hardware store which kinds of detergents are most effective for properly cleaning the gazebo roof. Organic soap and water will do just fine removing vast quantities of caked dirt.

3. What About Fabric Gazebos?

The thing is, if the roof of your gazebo is made of colored fabric, using bleach is a definite no-no. The chemicals can greatly damage the fragile material and it will loosen the weave. All of this can be avoided if you just use four cups of simple dish washing soap and four liters of water instead of heavy cleaning detergents. Although it will need a little bit more effort and sweat, it will still do the job just fine.

If all else fails, consider taking the fabric off and laying it on the ground for a proper scrubbing. Always remember - using straight bleach is very bad for the fabric. As of late, more and more gazebo roofs are covered with fabric and the trend will continue to grow its popularity.


4. Put It In The Machine

If your gazebo roof is small enough to be machine washed, you're in luck. But, before considering washing it straight away in the machine, make sure to read the label of the fabric. If there is no info, do a little bit of research to see what kind of material is it before trying anything. It's highly important to choose what kind of detergents you use for properly cleaning the roof. After that, do another scrubbing to make sure it's absolutely clean.

Additionally, make sure the capacity of the washing machine is large enough for the cover. You don't want to overfill the load, because it won't clean properly. A good backup plan is taking the roof to the laundromat and dryers. Most laundromats have machines that are big enough to properly clean any gazebo roof sizes. But never use a machine which uses top-load washers because they usually are merciless and will get your material completely torn and damaged.

Always remember to read the labels, keep a strict cleaning schedule, and just keep scrubbing.

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