What NOT To Do When Tending To Your Lawn

About The Seeds And Renewal

Lawns in general, seeded or sodded, are almost always planted on naked and very scarce layers of high soil. Throughout the months, when you mow the lawn and when you wear off the grass, the soil gets compacted and thickened. What does this mean? Vital nutrients like air and water have a hard time to get through to the roots of the grass.

As for reseeding, you must not skip an instance. Anybody can do it. Rental machines do the job just fine, and your hard work will pay off in the future. Many people overlook reseeding and think that the grass will continue on its own. Keeping the soil nice and damp is not to be ignored for the first months. It's very important to keep it damp for the grass to rejuvenate and grow. Do not think that it will survive for long if you don't properly reseed the scarce areas when mowing the lawn.

Consider restoring the soil with proper nurture and care, and try to loosen and aerate every square inch of the ground. Aerators are easy to find and you can rent one at hardware stores. It's very important to aerate, and watering the grass doesn't help much. Avoid neglecting the soil to improve in mowing thelawn!

When Watering

Many make the simple mistake of overwatering. Don't be that guy. Your lawn is a living being of nature. What does that mean? It means that if it gets used to you giving it fresh water every day, it will demand the same amount every single time. Grass can be very greedy and needy if given a chance. Water your beautiful lawn once a week for an hour. Do NOT spoil your grass. This makes sure your water gets strong and more tolerant when droughts come.


While we're talking about spoiling your grass. Don’t even try to overfeed it. Too much fertilizer, "sanding" it up around the mounds, it will be very bad. It will leach through the soil and go through precious groundwater and it's not good for the environment. Remember, less is more, and make sure your lawn gets used to your rations when mowing the lawn.

About Dethatching

Many lawn keepers have problems with excessive thatch pileup and still they keep overfeeding their lawns. On top of that (pun intended), the lawns are never properly aerated. This is a recipe for disaster. The thatch blocks proper nutrients and healthy water to penetrate the soil.


Not only that but organisms that carry bad news overextend the struggle to balance out the need for pesticides and freshening up the lawn with water and cleaning out the excess. Use proper techniques for removing thatch. This is no joke. It's a serious layer of dirt, roots, plant excess, debris, and other nasty stuff that does your lawn harm. It chokes it slowly and whithers it away. Do not allow thatch to harm it when mowing the lawn.

When Mowing

When executing the almighty chore of today's culture, it's probably important to never cut the grass too short. This should be a prioritized lesson. Giving up on shady areas is one thing, as cool-season grasses work best in late summer and sometime around spring. But, butchering your lawn is a definite no-no.

Try to keep it to a fine-tuned height and do not cut your grass too short. Long grass blades generate just enough food for the grass to grow because the water doesn't evaporate as fast as on short blades. Try to figure out what's the best height for your lawn and do not cut it short.


Additionally, the direction of your mowing should be front to back, back to front, and then crisscrossing a diagonal. Do not do it otherwise. Why, you ask? Because mowing it incorrectly makes the blades grow at a very bad angle. Try to be the zen-master of lawn mowing and do not mow repeatedly on the same tracks.

To sum up the important parts, always keep your mower sharp and ready. Mowing the lawn with a dull mower does the grass no good. It stresses the lawn and browns up the whole patch. Never hesitate to sharpen up your mower.

Finally, never cut your grass when it's wet. Mowing it causes the mower to leave some ruts on the lawn. Leaving out giant clumps of clippings smothers the grass and makes it look very unhealthy and dirty. And another thing, not throw grass leftovers and clippings in the trash! Leave some on the lawn, the leftovers have health benefits for your lawn.

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