Useful Cafe Restaurant Patio Ideas and Tips

Outdoor dining is a luxury by itself and operating the patio is practically a gold mine. People just seem to flock every time, as nobody wants to miss the perfect weather or enjoy some coffee or croissants. Surprisingly enough, it’s a full profit and café owners just seem to never miss the shot at gaining extra profit and using the perfect weather for some good old fashioned outdoor dining. Many café owners make mistakes in proper spacing and location depending on the sun and shadows.

It’s a very tedious and time-consuming process of properly setting up your restaurant patio. No worries. We have you covered with these tips and tricks to set up and upgrade your restaurant patio and garner the attention of even more customers.

Use The Shadows

A skilled restaurant manager should know by now that equipping your patio with umbrellas, tents and shades is a good idea. They protect their customers from the rain and scorching sun. Make sure that you have shades for the customers that are too sensitive for the sun. Some enjoy it, others don’t.

Check and browse the varieties of umbrellas and tents that suit your restaurant patio’s theme and setting. If you don’t have enough space, no worries – pole-less umbrellas solve the problem. They are easy to set up and easier to store.

Keep Annoying Insects Away

Don’t forget the pesky insects, as the warm weather brings a lot of mosquitoes and flies. Installing screens and hanging electric zappers is your best bet. Consider whether or not you should place gardens with flowers, as this attracts bees. They may or may not mistake your customers as flowers too.

A fantastic trick is to plant citronella grass. They are natural mosquito repellants, and look fabulous!  

Use The Power Of Smells

If you want to attract more customers, the oldest trick in the book is to set up an outdoor barbecue grill, or placing your vent shafts correctly. Enticing them with smell will surely draw them and nobody will resist the fantastic smell.

Choosing Your Location And Setup

In ye olden days before the past two or three decades, the streets of Paris have seen many furnishings that have upgraded the patios from basic wood structuring to plastic tables and chairs. These days sofas and armchairs are all the craze.

These days, countless furniture suppliers offer fantastic chairs and tables for very affordable prices, and setting up your patio should always be done on a simple budget. Ideally, you will need to make sure that your staff and cook handles all the extra chairs and tables. If you build it, they will come.

Supply And Demand

Don’t underestimate your daily grind, as many customers will grab the chance of a free space and you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. Location is your best bet and setting up is even better, so get your staff ready.

Try to anticipate your crowd and set up coffee tables if simple social gatherings are in the question. If your café is busy in the evenings, smaller café tables work better.

Additionally, purchasing hefty patio wood furniture with a metal finish is a comfortable idea and it’s highly resistant to water, so you won’t have no problems battling the weather. Just organize your staff members and waiters better and you won’t have any issues.

Design and Decor

One of the more important things that makes a patio enticing is the interior and EXTERIOR design. The design and décor of your outdoor patio is the first thing a customer notices. Do not take the decorations and setup lightly.

Choose your distinct style and furniture, make sure it goes well with the environment and theme, and carefully pick the color. This is often overlooked by many cafe and restaurant owners.

Night Shifts

Many of us like to kick back and enjoy some good old fashioned night dining. The summer evenings are enjoyed by many, and café owners almost always extend their hours.

This is a fantastic opportunity to set up wine menus, LED lights and hanging lanterns, not to mention romantic candles and some heaters. It’s a requirement that you should set up extra busing stations when somebody needs a glass of water, some extra napkins and cutlery, and setting up various other condiment tables.

Service is very important, so always make ends meet within your restaurant with back patios, setting up a rooftop patio and other additional furniture which improves the whole experience of the night.

Last, but not least, patio permits should be your priority, so check with the local legal issues to obtain your permit.

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