4 Steps to the Perfect Fall Backyard

Redecorating for fall

If you want to keep your backyard well into fall there are plenty of additions and small changes you can make to give your outdoor space a cozy feel and make it your go-to spot during chilly afternoons. Whatever your decorating style is there is a variety of options available for re-decorating in a way suitable for fall. If you don’t already have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit this is the perfect time to consider having one installed. If your patio has a pergola you could cover it in fairy lights for some ambient lighting. Combining this with comfortable seating, an area rug and some s’mores or warm apple pie will make your backyard the star of the show for autumn gatherings.

Fall Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your patio furniture should be done at least every couple of months; however fall is the perfect time to really give everything a good deep clean. The methods and cleaning products you use will depend on your own personal preferences and the materials your furniture is made from, however most anything can be cleaned gently and effectively with soft brushes and warm soapy water. If there are certain areas that have accumulated a lot of dirt and debris over the summer months you should consider pressure washing, provided it won’t damage the materials. Additionally, you can’t forget to clean out the gutters. Starting with a clean slate makes cleaning out leaves much easier and more time-effective. Invest in a quality rake and leaf-blower and use them on a regular basis in order to keep your backyard from looking like a true Halloween nightmare.

Protecting Your Deck

Sun-damage followed by rain and snow can have quick and disastrous consequences for your deck. In order to prevent your deck from cracking and splitting when exposed to the harsher elements of fall and winter, this is the perfect time to re-seal and re-stain your deck. If you haven’t done this before, do your research into the various products available for deck maintenance and figure out what will work best for you. The goal is to both protect and enhance the look of your deck. If you’re ready for a subtle change, choose a stain that can give the wood a different color while not covering the grain. If you’re happy with the way your deck looks choose products that will preserve both the grain and the color of the wood.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

               The perfect spring lawn has its beginnings in fall. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than lush green grass. If you want your lawn to look like it came straight out of the pages of a “Home & Garden” magazine come spring, this is the time you should get started. Use this period of the year to fertilize your yard and reap the rewards. You can choose to fertilize your lawn with a broadcast sprayer or get in some exercise as well by using a walk-behind spreader. The choice of lawn fertilizer is completely up to your preferences and needs; just make sure you get enough coverage for the whole area so you won’t be left with sad brown spots ruining your thick green grass.


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