Pets And Patios

The patio is one of the best places in the home where the whole family can gather. This includes the family pets. If you’re someone who loves spending time in your backyard you’ve probably devoted a great deal of time considering how to create your perfect patio. However, you also need to consider the fact that your pets will also spend a great deal of time there. In most cases having pets on the patio can’t be avoided.

This means making a few comprises to ensure that your ideal patio setup and furniture doesn’t get ruined in the blink of an eye by your pet. These tips can help you create a patio that will fulfill the image you have in in mind and that both you and your pets can enjoy worry-free.

1.      Washable Fabrics

There’s no way around it: your pet will jump onto your patio furniture with dirty paws. If the furniture is made from a material that is difficult to clean this will lead to stains and can even entirely ruin the look of your patio. While you might think that a pure white or cream colored seating would look incredible in your backyard, consider how it will look after the first time your pets climbs on it after playing in the mud. That’s a much less pretty picture. Instead, consider choosing a darker colored fabric, or even a patterned one. Make it a rule to avoid delicate fabrics, and if possible opt for ones that can be washed with the laundry.

2.      Sturdy Materials

You don’t want to have to constantly replace pieces of your patio furniture. Your goal should be to install patio furniture that will look great for a long time and that won’t be easily damaged. If you want to enjoy your patio alongside your pets it’s best that you choose furniture that is made from stronger materials such as various metals and solid wood.

This applies to any decorations you decide to use to enhance your patio. Glass and similar fragile materials are something to avoid as they can be quickly damaged or even completely destroyed by an active pet. If you’re installing standing lighting fixtures, make sure they’re firmly grounded. If not, they will easily be knocked over which is not only an inconvenience but could also pose a serious fire hazard.

3.      Designate an Area for Your Pet

This is one of the best ways to protect your patio from your pet, while still letting them have fun with you in the backyard. Choose an area of the backyard that is near the patio and make it your pet’s zone. You can choose to mark it in some way using a mini fence or leave it open. Make sure your pet knows that this is their space: install a little house or even just a bed, a place various toys and other stimulants around the area. Spend time playing with them there so that they won’t be tempted to make their way to the patio.

4.      Plan It Out

Creating the patio of your dreams when you have pets may seem like an impossible task; however with great planning anything is possible. Choose a style and a theme for the look you’d like the finished patio to have while considering the materials you will need to make your patio as pet-friendly as possible and choose the patio furnishings accordingly.

Many people avoid buying furniture sets as they can look too much like a catalog and don’t leave enough space for their personal taste and unique style to shine through. However, you can create a cohesive look in your patios without buying sets if you predetermine the themes, colors and materials you want to incorporate. Choose your biggest pieces first, even if it’s tempting to buy decorations ahead of time. Once you have the main furniture picked out, you can coordinate the rest of the items to create a stunning patio that both you and your pets can enjoy.


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