Make Your Patio Usable Year Round

There are a few additions and improvements that you can make which will allow you to extend the time you can enjoy outside. These changes will make it easier to use your outdoor space much earlier in the year, for longer in the evenings and deeper into autumn.

Fire Features

No matter what your patio layout is like there is a fire feature that will suit your style and needs. Fireplaces and fire pits are the most common and popular choices as they are quite classic and versatile and will not only make chilly autumn evenings much more enjoyable, but they also help keep mosquitoes and other insects at a distance during the summer months. Another great choice is installing a fire table or a fire ring around which the whole family can enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores. They are also great for keeping away the chill during late night gatherings allowing your garden parties to go on for as long as you like.

Cooking Space

Outdoor grilling and barbecues are staples of a great summer. With an outdoor grill and bar, or even a complete outdoor kitchen you can upgrade these experiences and enjoy the tastes of summer even after the temperatures have gone down.

Retaining Wall Seating

Retaining walls are great additions to any patio because they provide support, dimension and great freedom of design. They’re a great choice for adding height and different levels to an otherwise flat patio. They can also provide some added protection if your backyard is particularly windy. You can also incorporate seating into the wall for a great two-in-one solution, especially around a fire pit.


Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to improve the aesthetics and ambience of your patio. They’re also an efficient way to enhance visibility and safety. Illuminating the walkways on your patios, placing uplights or even downlights along any walls or taller structures lights can drastically alter and improve the look and feel of your outdoor areas. Adding string lights is a great choice if you want to add some light and ambience in a subtle way. Low-voltage LED lights and solar powered lights are great choices to light up your patio without driving up your electricity bill.       

Paving Stones

If you live in an area that gets quite a bit of rain and snow in the colder months considering installing a paving stone patio. Paving stones will result in a faster snow melt since they absorb heat much faster than poured concrete or decking. Additionally, since they also have a natural textured surface they are more slip-resistant than the alternatives. Choosing permeable pavers will have the added advantage of reducing puddles and ice patches along walkways as the rainwater and melting snow will simply drain into the ground.

Sturdier Furniture

You don’t want your patio furniture to become warped, water-damaged or even completely ruined after the first summer rain. Constantly replacing your patio furniture will be a drain on both your time and money. Choose furniture that is made from durable materials and consider getting seating with removable cushions that you can easily bring inside during the winter months.


Patio covers, awnings and pergolas are great for providing some much needed shade during the summer, but that is far from their only function. They also provide some much needed shelter from the elements and will protect you and your patio from the wind and less than perfect weather.


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