The 3 Main Types of Patio Covers

The time of year that is perfect for spending time outside is finally here. With the cold winter days forgotten, there’s nothing better spending a long and sunny day basking on your patio. However, nothing can put a damper on your enjoyment of the outdoors as much as the realization that your backyard and patio aren’t up to the task of protecting your from spring showers and the soon-approaching summertime heat.

Luckily, by incorporating the perfect patios coverings into your backyard, you can make your outdoor space much more enjoyable. Read on to learn more about the four main types of outdoor covers and decide which one is the best fit for you.

1.     Patio Covers

Standard patio covers are the most versatile outdoor covers available. Patio covers can be incorporated into your home while still taking into account your personal tastes and architectural style of your home. Patio covers can be made of wood, vinyl or aluminum and can be either solid or open-lattice, with adjustable option also available.

A patio cover is in essence a roof extension supported by posts. It will allow you to spend time outdoors in all types of weather conditions; shielding you from the sun during the summer and keeping you dry during rainy days. It’s also a fantastic way to protect your patio furniture and prolong its life and condition.

2.     Pergolas

For a unique mix of sun and shade a pergola is your best option. As opposed to a patio cover which completely blocks out the sunshine and leaves you with the option of either staying completely in the shade or stepping into full-strength sunlight, a pergola offers you the best of both worlds.

A pergola is a usually free-standing structure that has latticed beams and posts anchoring it to your patios. Its beam design allows it to filter out a large amount of sun, while still letting a little bit of light get through. The amount of shade that the pergola creates depends on the time of day, more specifically the angle at which the sunlight hits the structure. 

Pergolas are also a great place to cultivate plants with vines. The vines can wrap around the beams of the pergola as they grow, and since the structure doesn’t completely block out the sun and rain they’re getting all the light and moisture they need without much maintenance required on your part. Of course, this also has a down-side: a pergola will do little in the way of protecting you from a sudden downpour.

3. Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

The main purpose of most patio coverings such as patio covers and pergolas is to protect you from the sun and rain. However, what happens if you would like to enjoy the sunlight without suffering the heat? The solution to this is a climate-controlled environment such as a sunroom or a patio enclosure.

You can look at your sunroom as an extension of your house or an enclosed porch. It has a roof, one side connects it to the house and the remaining three sides are windows. The windows can be floor-to-ceiling to allow for maximum light to enter the enclosure, or you can adjust their sizes and placement in a way that will most suit your day-to-day life and enjoyment of the sunroom. They’re also the perfect place for summer evening gatherings as they will keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay while allowing you to enjoy time ‘outdoors’ instead of in a stuffy room.


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