Wood vs Aluminium Patio Covers

Protecting your patio with a high-quality cover is essential for getting the most use out of your outdoor space while protecting your patio furniture from sun and water damage. The right patio cover with provide you with shade and protection while blending in with your home’s architectural style. When it comes to choosing the material your cover is made from, the main things to consider are your budget, the durability of the cover as well as your home’s exterior style. The most popular choices for patio covers are wood and aluminum. Understanding the benefits each of these materials offers as well as their respective downside is essential to making the right decision for you and your home.

What to Expect From a Wooden Patio Cover

If you’d like to have a natural look and feel to your patio, then a wooden patio cover is your best choice for achieving this. A wooden patio cover should also be your first choice if your patio is made from wood or a material that mimics wood. You can add an element of interest by choosing a cover that has a different color and grain than the existing wood elements, or you can create a more cohesive look by choosing a cover that looks similar to the rest of the patio.

Another benefit of wood covers is that they tend to be more durable and sturdier than their aluminum counterparts. This is important for homeowners who like to decorate their patio by adding hanging elements such as flower and herb pots, chimes, bird feeders or even hammocks. Budget-wise, on average wood is cheaper than aluminum so if you’re looking to add a patio cover without spending too much a wood en cover is the best choice for the job.

However, no material is perfect and wood is no exception. One of the biggest drawbacks of wooden patio covers is that they’re more likely to suffer damage from natural elements such as rain, mold, termites, snow and ice and other contaminants. This susceptibility to damages means that your wood patio cover will need to be sealed properly and maintained on a regular basis. The maintenance required for a wooden cover to stay in pristine condition can add up over time both in terms of personal effort and money.

What to Expect From an Aluminum Patio Cover

Aluminum covers don’t face the same problems as wooden covers (moisture, termites, mold, etc...) This means that they tend to have a longer lifespan, and that they will require a lot less maintenance during this period. In fact, they require very little maintenance overall; keeping them clean involves using a sponge, hose or power washer to clean the entire cover and it will stay clean and in good shape for a pretty long time. Another great thing is that nowadays aluminum covers can be tailored to your personal preferences and be made to fit any style of patio, even mimicking wooden covers with their appearance.

The biggest downside of aluminum covers is the larger installation cost. They are more difficult to put together, requiring more expertise and as such tend to be more expensive than wooden covers. Another drawback is that aluminum tends to have a cheaper look and feel than wood, and it can’t withstand hanging items as well as other materials.

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