Creating A Welcoming Porch

Having a warm and inviting porch can vastly improve your enjoyment of your outdoors areas, After all, the front porch is the best place to connect with life in your neighborhood, relax outside and greet guests and visitors. Luckily, making your entry area more inviting can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. You can create a welcoming haven by adding a few key elements or you can go all out and transform your porch into an outdoor room. The best news is, creating the ambiance you want can be done even without a lot of space or a huge budget.

1. Send the Right Message

The key to making visitors feel welcome on your porch starts with making it look very approachable. This can be achieved with a clear pathway that makes it easy to access the front door, a well-maintained appearance, as well as some plants and decorations to create a welcoming look and feel to the entire area.

When working on improving this aspect of your porch, consider the look of your home when viewed from the street. Create a focal point around your front door by using porch lights or topiaries, and make sure the walkway is clear. Plant borders along the walkway can add to the friendly atmosphere and placing a couple of chairs, ottomans or even a love seat can create an attractive and welcoming look.

2. Clean and Tidy

Regular upkeep is a must if you want to maintain a positive feel on your front porch. As all outdoor places, porches are prime spots for gathering clutter, cobwebs, dust and other grime. Make it a part of your regular cleaning routine to sweep and dust your front porch, as well as to wash any flat surfaces with soapy water.

Don’t forget to shake out any rugs, coverings and cushions you have placed on the porch. If you have plants, keep them regularly watered and pruned for a lush and pleasing appearance. Choosing only a few pieces of furniture and décor for your porch will make it easier to quickly keep everything clean and tidy, while still maintaining an inviting atmosphere.

3. Balance

The front porch is an outdoor area, but it’s still attached to the house and is much more enclosed than a yard. Maintain a sense of balance between its openness and sheltered aspects. Using hard barriers such as walls and railings to enclose the space will increase its feel of safety and intimacy. If walls seem too harsh, columns and ledges can also add privacy. This effect can be heightened by making use of hanging plants and décor.

Balance these cozier elements by leaving at least one part of the porch open to the street, as well as incorporating small and colorful accessories in order to add a more lighthearted feel. Another great option to create an atmosphere that feels both private and open at the same time is to use a curtain to partially block out the view of the street from any sitting areas, while leaving the rest of the porch exposed.



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