Getting your patio Christmas ready

With Christmas music taking over the grocery store radio, retailers putting out all their best Christmas decorations, thousands of people searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones and families planning their Christmas gatherings it’s safe to say that the spirit of Christmas has arrived. You may have already started decorating your home in preparation for hosting your family and friends this holiday season.


Decorating the outside of the home is a long-standing Christmas tradition, however, our patios tend to get overlooked during this time as many of us have neglected them during the colder months and just aren’t sure where to start with getting our patio ready for Christmas. These are 4 tips that can help you get your patio all dressed up and festive this season.

1. Start with Cleaning

One of the fastest and best ways to make your patio feel new again is simply by cleaning it. Clear out more space for decorating by grabbing anything that has been stored on and under the patio and moving it to a better location such as a shed, basement or garage where it won’t be in the way.

Next, if it’s been quite a while since you’ve used your patio due to the cold weather make sure to get rid of any cobwebs and debris that may have accumulated using a broom and brush. After you’ve given it a good sweep wash your patio with warm soapy water taking care to avoid any electrical items and make sure to dry it off afterwards to avoid any freezing.

After you’ve completed this basic cleaning your patio will look much better and will serve as blank canvas which you can begin decorating.

2. Put Up Lights

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas without festive lights, so lighting up your patio is the best way to add spirit and character. You can choose to stage an elaborate Christmas lights display, or keep it simple and still achieve a magical effect. Adding lights will add charm and warmth to your patio and make it more festive and inviting for gatherings.

You can add lights quickly by wrapping fairy lights around your fence posts, around potted plants or stringing them between trees. Using net lights on any shrubbery is a quick way to create a bright and uniform look. Another great idea to consider is adding lights to several jars or other glass containers and placing them around the patio or along any paths or windowsills.

3. Add Color

A simple way to brighten up your patio is to add splashes of color. You can do this by opting to have different colored lights or by adding in a few brightly-colored details around the patio. You can change up the color of your outdoor cushions and pillows, table settings or adding a bright blanket. The best colors to use are traditional Christmas reds, greens and golds as they work well together to give the appearance of Christmas, however if you have a different color scheme in mind don’t be afraid to experiment!

It’s also a great idea to incorporate plants and Christmas wreaths with rich, warm tones (both real and fake) and traditional Christmas plants such as mistletoe, poinsettias, holly and Christmas roses will transform your patio into a true Christmas wonderland.

4. Add Decorations

Adding a personal touch with decorations that reflect your personal taste and style is the best way to finish off getting your patio Christmas-ready. Choose decorations that you feel work best for you and your home. Tinsel, glass ornaments, pinecones, lanterns and ribbons are great choices that can be modified to achieve your desired Christmas look.

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