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No home is complete without an outdoor patio. They not only offer you with shade if you choose a solid patio cover, but they're eye catching and provide a pleasant area to sit under while enjoying your iced tea and gazing at the sunset.

Outdoor patios are also available as lattice like in the image below or a combination of two. Lattice patios are great if you have delicate flowers underneath that need a bit of protection from the sun.

Building a patio isn't for the novice. Sometimes require permits so the best thing to do is hire an outdoor patio builder to ensure the job is done correctly. He'll be able to let you know the best plan of action to take.

Outdoor patio covers can be built with different types of material from wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Your outdoor patio builder should be able to give you details on the pros and cons of the different materials. If you prefer a low maintenance patio, vinyl or aluminum are a tad easier to care for than wood.

Some of our clients like wood patio because of the earthy feel it gives. When you're shopping around for an outdoor patio builder, check their website for a license number because it's important the contractor be licensed. Ask him questions about the installation process to get a feel of how knowledgeable he is.

At patios4all, we give free estimates for clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area and in surrounding areas. We spend at least an hour with our clients to understand what they're looking for and to answer all of their questions.

Before you hire your outdoor patio builder make sure they're professional, knowledgeable, have good ratings, and listen to your needs!

What We Think?

We feel building patio covers yourself is more of a financial and safety risk overall. If you are interested in what we can offer you please contact us. We are California's premier patio cover building design and construction company.

We Offer a Free No Obligation Estimate.... Did we forget to mention free.

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