Louvered (Adjustable) Aluminum Patio Covers

Louvered or Adjustable Patio Covers Pros and Cons


So what exactly, is a louvered or adjustable patio cover? The patio cover is made of slotted sections called louvers which can open to varying degrees so you can control the amount of sun you want in from 0%-98%. Imagine a very large set of blinds! Although these patio covers come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, by far the most popular are adjustable aluminum patio covers. Aluminum is durable, easy to maintain, extremely cost effective, and with Patios4All, you can own you very own adjustable patio cover custom fit to YOUR home. Don't settle for a patio cover that comes in a box- your home deserves an aluminum patio cover specifically designed to fit your back yard.



One notable advantage to purchasing a adjustable aluminum patio cover is the flexibility of being able to choose the amount of light or sun which is filtered through the slats of the patio cover. In fact, you can even divide your patio cover into two independently moving sections! You can have one half of your patio covered completely, and the other open to let in some sun! Imagine a hot summer day and you gather a few friends for a BBQ. Open the section above you to allow the smoke to escape while keeping the guests under the closed section. The great thing with adjustable patio cover louvers is the flexibility and control you have. Keep the louvered patio covers roof closed during the winter months to keep the rain off your furniture. Patios 4 all takes it a step further! We offer Patio Combinations which allow you to have an adjustable patio covered paired with any other type of patio we offer!


Aluminum Patio Covers are less expensive than their wooden counter-parts. Although there are cheaper options than going with an adjustable patio cover, the cost effective nature of these ingenious systems is evident over time. These patio covers save you money by:
  • Lowering Cooling costs by reducing sunlight
  • Covers protect from sun and rain: replace patio furniture less often
  • Aluminum won't rot and is immune to termites unlike wood
  • Durable materials mean virtually no maintenance
  • Save money on professional cleanings: wash these with soapy water and a hose


Aluminum Patio Covers are made from recycled materials, and as such have very little impact on the environment. Once a patio cover has reached the end of its life, it can be recycled, eliminating excessive waste and pressure on already over-flowing landfills. Plus, using less heating and cooling due to the tempurature managing properties of these patio covers means your household leaves less of a carbon footprint by using less energy.


It is, admittedly, difficult to find many cons when it comes to adjustable aluminum patio covers, but here are a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding on a material for your patio cover.


Aluminum is a metal, and therefore, falling leaves, nuts, rain, and hail can make for a noisy patio cover. Keeping hinges lubricated and cleaning regularly should prevent squeaking in the wind, but it is a possibility. Heavy impacts may dent aluminum, where as the impact on wood would be less noticeable.

Replacing Individual Parts

An adjustable patio cover has moving parts, and as with anything containing moving parts, sometimes specific parts may malfunction. Although rare, replacing specific parts such as individual slats may be a bit of an expense and hassle.


This is somewhat a question for debate. In some situations, such as in areas with high salinity in the air, it is possible for an aluminum patio cover to be more susceptible to rusting or decay over time. In other situations, such as water front properties or in areas of regular, high humidity, wood is susceptible to rot and become water logged.Honestly, it all depends on your specific situation.

In closing

Adjustable aluminum patio covers are a fantastic and innovative solution which we highly suggest when choosing your next awning or patio cover. With their flexibility, cost effectiveness and over all ease of use, these dynamic structures are the perfect fit for almost any situation!

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