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Patios4All — The Professionals In Outdoor Living

Patios4All Professionals have over a decade of experience in outdoor living. You can feel secure when you take advantage of our skilled workmanship knowing we hold a General Contractor's License. Patios4All is the leading, one-stop contractor for all of your outdoor living needs. Patios4All specializes in building outdoor structures of any kind, including:

Patio Covers Patio Enclosures Pergolas
Carports Gazebos Sheds
Sunrooms Arbors Decks

We have discovered, throughout the years, that there are many patio-related projects we can design, build and customize, that discovery is due, in large part, to our valued customers' requests. To insure you receive the best possible patio or outdoor structure, we hire only the best to work with us. Our professional team comes from many trades and has extensive experience in:

  • Paving Patios: concrete, stamped concrete, paving stone, flagstone and brick work.
  • Fire pits and BBQ's, sitting areas, walls, stucco and paint.

The Process of Building a Patio Cover, Carport, or Patio Enclosure

Patios4All is a full-service contracting company that takes your vision of outdoor living and brings it to life. Once you decide on your patio design, size and shape, we will immediately begin to:

Phase 1
Draw a plan: Our professional, experienced architect will take your specifications, assemble them and insure your project is in compliance with the various local city codes and regulations. After completing his work, it will be brought to you for your final approval before submitting it to the city.

Phase 2
Applying for a city permit: Once you approve your future patio cover plan, we will gladly apply for the required permit by filling out the various forms and submitting the plans to the city. Be aware that sometimes minor changes may be needed due to new city codes and regulations. In this case, we take the plans back and perform the necessary changes. Congratulations! Your plans are approved!

Phase 3
Construction and inspections: Our workers precisely follow the architect's specifications:

Footing/Foundation — Framing/Electrical — Roof/wall panels — Final

Every stage is inspected by our in-home inspector to guarantee top results and excellent craftsmanship. We communicate with your local building and safety department and their inspectors at every stage of the project, therefore, if any questions arise from the inspector, our staff in the field can reply instantly to prevent unnecessary delays.

Phase 4
Final Phase: After we have been approved for final inspection, our field inspector will insure that everything you contracted for was performed to the highest standards by our team and that the area is left meticulously clean and safe so that your family can begin to take advantage of your new outdoor living space.


Why Choose Us for Your Patio Cover, Carport, or Patio Enclosure Needs?

We pride ourselves in doing what many companies fail to do - putting our customers first!
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