Solid Patio Covers

The concept of Solid Patio Covers is pretty self explanatory. A solid patio cover is a structure made out of posts, beams and roof sheeting which is designed to provide complete shade and rain cover to all that is beneath it. With us you can chose to use Aluminum, Wood, or Vinyl for your patio.

You don’t need to decide on a solid patio or lattice patio cover anymore. Look over our page on Adjustable Patio Covers.

Why Solid Patio Covers?

Here in Southern California winter is not always a problem when it comes to entertainment, Home owners still use their patio as the main entertainment center, they BBQ, they play cards and they drink cocktails while sitting around a fire pit, but the only way do that is under a solid patio cover to protect them from the rain, drizzling or just to keep the heat close. For some of us the direct mid-day sun during summer time is just too powerful even under a partial cover therefore they will need a complete shaded patio or in other words: A solid patio cover.

Many of the exit patio doors are big and clear; if your house gets the direct California sun through them then for sure its temperature rises significantly causing your power bills go up not to mention a greater damage to your windows seal, your living room furniture and your hardwood floors! Solid patio covers can prevent these and bring longer life to the house. If you worry about not getting enough light into your living room we can add skylights to your patio cover to compensate loss of direct sunlight.

What is a Flat Pan Patio Cover?

A flat patio cover uses beams that are intertwined together. It's less expensive than the insulated patio cover, but a bit noisier. The Flat Pan is also a choice for Patio Enclosures although it will be a bit hotter than using insulated material.

What is an Insulated Patio Cover?

These solid patio covers are typically 3" wide insulation foam. Insulated patio covers are most commonly used for enclosed patios. The insulation of the solid patio covers are perfect for keeping the enclosure cool. Insulated patios are solid and sturdy enough to walk on when working on exterior home maintenance projects such as painting.

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Available Colors for a Flat Pan Patio Only

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