Vinyl Patio Covers

In simple words, vinyl products are a bi-product of plastic, which is known for its durability, resistance to corrosion, thermal efficiency, color retention, ease of cleaning, safety and other benefits including recyclability, all of which make vinyl patio covers extremely attractive!

Why Vinyl Patio Covers?

A Great Low Maintenance Solution

Many homeowners are discovering the advantages of adding vinyl patio covers to their home; they are low maintenance with a modern smooth finish and offer several styles to suit almost any home. Many other patio cover types cannot say the same. If you are looking for a great addition to your home that adds value as well as a relaxing area to rest away your work day, consider installing a vinyl patio cover. It is one improvement you won't regret or second-guess.

Vinyl patio covers can be used in place of aluminum, metal or wood. From a distance, the look is very much the same as an aluminum patio cover only without the wood grain texture which makes cleaning a breeze. Similar to the rest of the patio cover family, vinyl patio covers can provide complete protection from rain and sun - Solid roof - or a partial protection - Open Lattice.

They can also be used as gazebos and pergolas. Vinyl covers have all the great features of aluminum. They are maintenance free, never the need to sand or paint. The color selection is very narrow and you can usually choose between white and beige only.

  • Durability
  • Never chips or peals
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Light weight

There is no doubt vinyl patio covers have become more popular, but tend to be a more expensive alternative to other patio cover types.

More on Vinyl Products

Vinyl is the most versatile plastic on the market today. Pure vinyl is more than half chlorine, which comes from common, plentiful salt. Chlorine is combined with ethylene, which is produced by "cracking" natural gas (distilling it with heat), to produce ethylene dichloride, which is then turned into vinyl chloride monomer, a gas. This gas is converted into a polymer - which is a chain of molecules - and the result is polyvinyl chloride resin, a fine white powder which later is used to make pipes, chairs and patio covers…

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