Patio Enclosures

Most patio enclosures are a structure consisting of posts, beams, roof sheeting, prefabricated walls, and a minimum of 60% windows and doors that creates an extra room for your home. Patio enclosures can be constructed in a variety of materials to compliment your house including aluminum, glass, or wood. Convert Patio Cover to Patio Enclosure

Why Patio Enclosures?

What home couldn't use some extra space? Building a room addition can be an aggravating and complex process that requires a lot of time and can be very costly. Patio enclosures are a relatively fast and inexpensive solution to add more space to your home. It can function as a family room, recreation room, office or simply the perfect place to drink tea and watch the sunset. This is why a patio enclosure is often called a Three Season Room.

Most typical patio enclosures are made of insulated material starting with the standard 2" thickness to the luxurious 4" thick insulation.

Patio Enclosures generally tend to be made of two types of material for the walls or roofs. The Insulated patio enclosures are the most popular although some do decide to use the flat pan patio enclosure. Both materials can be used for an open solid patio cover.

Flat Pan Patio Enclosures

A flat patio cover uses beams that are intertwined together. It's less expensive than the insulated patio cover, but a bit noisier.

Insulated Patio Enclosure

These patio enclosures are typically 3" wide insulation foam. Insulated patio covers are most commonly used for enclosed patios. The insulation of the patio is perfect for keeping the enclosure less hot. Insulated patios are solid and sturdy enough to walk on when working on exterior home maintenance projects such as painting.

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