Paving stones and Concrete

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Paving Stones and Concrete Contractors
Los Angeles

Concrete contractors

Concrete installation is an all-time favorite method to pave your backyard or driveway. When pouring concrete there’s only one chance to do it right before it dries and any repairs after that will surely leave a nasty scare. Concrete finishing is an art and must be handled by professionals. Concrete does tend to crack, be sure your contractor takes all measures to prevent it from happening, however, this is the nature of the beast and especially on hillside properties.


Paver installation

The biggest advantage of paving stones is the ability to repair, correct and modify as much as you like. Even if a certain area comes loose or sink after many years, you can still remove and re-install this area to make it look new again. They never crack, and they allow water to penetrate back to the soil which is great when having drainage issues. Paving stones are being laid on a compacted base substrate and they are grouted with sand.


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