Imagine how nice it would be to sit in your garden, shaded from the sun, enjoying a cool drink while the breeze pushes the scent of your favorite flower from overhead. When you build a pergola in your yard, that fantasy can become reality. Choosing the right type of pergola for your space takes a little planning, but once it's done your pergola will give you years of enjoyment.

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What is a Pergola? A Garden Feature For Your Home

Wood PergolaA pergola is a free-standing garden structure that is usually used to support climbing vines, and to shade garden sitting areas. The difference between a pergola and a patio cover is that patio covers are usually attached to the back-side of a house, shading the patio area only. Structurally, an open-lattice patio cover and a Pergola are the same. Pergola comes from the Latin word pergula, which means "eaves." A pergola provides a pleasant, beautiful, shaded area from which to enjoy your garden.

Pergolas – Location, Location, Location

A pergola may have a floor underfoot and you can furnish it as a patio area. It could be situated next to a house or further out in the middle of a garden. An entryway pergola is an archway built over the entrance to a garden. A Pergola provides a transition from the outside world to the world of the garden. A walkway pergola is similar to an entryway, except it's built over a walkway through the garden, and it may extend along as much of the walkway as you choose.

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Due to many Inquires in regards to your local city permits we have assigned a designated in home zoning officer to help you determined what are the requirements needed to install such a patio.

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Building Pergolas – Materials to be used

Once you've chosen a style of pergola, you'll need to choose the material, since most pergulas are used to grow vines and plants on them it is recommended to use wood for beams and posts as wood will provide the necessary friction for those plants to attached themselves and nourish their growth, also wood material will blend perfectly with the living trees and plants that surround the pergola.

If wood is your preferred choice than question is what kind?

The most affordable wood type people usually use for a pergola is either Cedar or Redwood for their wood patio covers or pergolas. Cedar is a good wood type to use for the outdoor structures only that it requires extra protection against nature such as protective lacquer or paint. Redwood is more durable against nature and termites and can be installed "as is" but still, most people provide extra protection and apply a protective layer just as well. Vinyl pergolas and Aluminum pergolas are another option if you're worried about rot-related maintenance on a wood pergula, they last for a lifetime and do not require any work at all, They do come in many colors and can be an attractive choice for those who are not set on choosing wood and prefer not to ever have to deal with thee pergola again.

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