Trellis Pergola - Arched Pergolas

Trellis Pergola

Trellis Pergola Trellis Pergolas

Create an impressive and eye catching feature to your backyard by adding a flat trellis pergola or an arched pergola.

Similar, but completely unique is the Adjustable Patio Cover which allows you to have a pergola with movable louvers.

It's extremely popular to have a lattice pergola style built. The lattice design of either the arched pergola or the trellis pergola creates a classic look that is sure to bring lots of compliments. Although similar, the small trellis is many times confused with the trellis pergola. The trellis or the even the arched pergola is a free standing structure that is secured to the ground. It is used to support growing vines and plants. Unlike a lattice patio cover, the pergola trellis isn't attached to the home although structurally it's the same. The latticework of the lattice pergola can be installed with variable spaces in between the beams.

Lattice Trellis Small Trellis

The pergola trellis will go beyond structural support for your plants and provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your backyard if done well. If you're looking for a small 3'x5' trellis like the one on the image to the left it would be more cost effective for you to shop online. You may be able to find what you're looking for in the $200 range. For bigger custom trellis pergola installations you've come to the right place.

You may have seen Arbors and Trellises if you've been doing online research. Arbor trellises are smaller versions of arched pergolas. It's a free standing structure that is placed over your garden. Just like the traditional trellis, if you're shopping for a smaller arched pergola that you can easily pick up and move around at will, you're better off purchasing something from a hardware store or an online shop. It's more cost efficient that way.

We can build you a custom arched pergola like in the image on the right. That structure is built with lattice work and is secured to the ground. It also sits poolside which is great for the summer months! Poolside Arched Pergola Poolside Arched Pergola

Remember, if you're in the market for a small trellis (different from a trellis pergola)that you can move around, it's best to buy something online. A custom trellis pergola must be built by professionals. By installing a trellis pergola instead of a small trellis you essentially add two features to the backyard instead of one. You provide a structure for your plants to grow along and you create a shady area to sit under and enjoy.

The trellis pergola can be built next to your home, farther out in the middle of the garden, or over your deck. A pergola with lattice adds a great touch to your arched pergola.

Once you've set your mind on a pergola trellis, set up your FREE in-home consultation and we'll build a beautiful eye catching garden feature that you'll be proud of.

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